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Why Funkydz?

Funkydz Soapy Science

Life is a funny little thing, and sends us on journeys we may never have planned.

Ours started when we realised our son’s fine motor skills and sensory understanding was fairly delayed. We did a lot of research and found out how important touch was in fine motor skill development.

He simply loved bath time, but wasn’t interested in owning bath time, and all the toys we gave him were a great way of entertaining him, but we wanted more and we wanted him to feel independence at bath time. Internationally we found a few fun products for the bath, but nothing that wholly ticked all our boxes, or which covered a big enough range of products to satisfy boredom after a while.

We wanted a range of products that could be used for children who suffered from eczema, as my niece does quite badly and  we also liked the idea that the products are as close to organic as possible. Not all of our products could be organic, due to their nature and composition, but they are responsibly sourced and contain nothing harmful, and nothing that we are not 100% satisfied using on our most loved kids and babies in our family.